Working Together: Avoiding Annoying Behavior as a Small Business Team

Published on December 20, 2023

Operating a small business requires teamwork – everyone depends on one another.  When problems arise, it impacts the whole group.

In Glamour's recent piece, consultant David Chaumette shares a top annoyance is “reverse delegation” - when staff agree to finish work but then never follow through. He advises leaders should check progress to confirm tasks get completed.

Other manager irritations cited include people making excuses for lateness, faking comprehension when confused, and skipping out early sans notice. Coach Kim Scott also cautions providing only positive illusions versus candid truth damages morale.

While minor issues alone may not seem significant, together they can slow productivity and growth. But with compassionate support, bosses can guide improvements while acknowledging strengths. Reset expectations as a unified front.

When every voice contributes, small businesses thrive by reaching new heights together. How do you boost your tight-knit team? Please share advice below!

For more details on workplace behaviors that grate on managers, see the full article here: 8 Workplace Mistakes That Annoy Your Boss More Than Being Late | Glamour

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