What Jason Cohen Has Learned From Starting Two Unicorns

Published on November 15, 2023

"Unicorns" in Silicon Valley speak for companies that are worth more than $1 billion. Jason Cohen started both SmartBear and WP Engine. This is the first article in a series we're calling "Legends of the Deal." The series will tell the stories of amazing people who have done great things in the world of making value. You'll learn how to: in this show

  • Use the Rich vs. King concept to decide when to sell. 
  • Tell the difference between the beliefs and purpose of your business and explain why you need one more than the other. 
  • Check for stress before it's too late. 
  • Think about all of your possible ways out. 
  • You can sell some of your shares in a secondary market and still keep control. 
  • Move past your "freedom line." 
  • Use the box game to figure out how likely something is. 
  • When you share the money from your leave, make sure you don't get sued and protect your payout. 
  • When you sell, thank your staff. 
  • Know when to hire a CEO (even if it means you have to move down). 
  • Get into a state of flow and find the perfect job for you at your company. 

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