Thompson Reuters Acquires Pondera in 9-Figure Deal

Published on September 27, 2023

When Jon Coss started Pondera Solutions in 2011, his goal was to cut down on fraud in government programs like Medicaid and jobless insurance. By 2020, Coss and his partners had built Pondera into a business that made more than $9 million a year in recurring income. At that time, Thompson Reuters reportedly made them an offer for $124 million. In this talk that covers a lot of ground, you'll learn how to:

  • Take some of your chips off the table and still get the benefits of a majority re-capitalization.
  • Hire skilled workers for less than the market rate.
  • Use the fact that TAM and SAM are different.
  • Use a simple hack to get more potential buyers and investors interested in your business.
  • Don't give investors standards that are too high.
  • Set up how your leadership team will be paid.
  • Know when taking out a loan might be better than selling shares.
  • Use the good cop/bad cop approach to protect your relationship with the acquirer.

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