Should You Hire a COO?

Published on August 23, 2023

Casey Cavell has a lot of party stories: he dropped out of college to become a professional poker player, tried (and was successful at) buying self-storage facilities and apartment complexes, and finally found his way into the business of baseball. More specifically, he opened a baseball academy for kids ages 5 to 10 that grew to have five sites.

Cavell basically got out of his D-BAT Academy franchise twice. First, he sold 66% of the business for $1.5 million, and then he sold the rest of his stock for $10 million. On this week's episode of Built to Sell Radio, Cavell talks about the lessons he learned from his successes and failures that led to his final exit.

  • The pros of buying a franchise and an established business
  • How to weigh the risks of putting your name on a lease as a promise
  • How to find and get rid of ideas that hold you back
  • How to hire a COO (and why)
  • Cavell's plan to find and keep top talent is counterintuitive.
  • How to keep from getting burned out when you wear too many hats
  • Getting the right mix of visionaries and doers
  • A suggested aptitude test to help you put together a winning team
  • Changing who you are after you leave

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