Lessons From 3 Failed Attempts to Sell

Published on November 08, 2023

GreenPath Energy was started by Josh Anhalt in 2007 to help oil and gas companies find methane leaks in their pipes. Josh tried three times over the years to sell his business, but each time the deals fell through for a different reason. GreenPath was making more than $8 million a year by 2023, when they finally decided to be bought by a competitor for about 7 times their EBITDA. The buyer paid for 90% of the deal in cash, with the remaining 10% paid for in the buyer's stock. You'll learn how to: in this show

  • Don't let your deal fall through at LOI. 
  • Talk things over with a rival. 
  • Take out your "retained earnings" before you sell. 
  • Don't get charged after you sell. 
  • Before you sign a LOI, get your data room ready.  
  • Deal with "mirroring" in negotiations.

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