How This 15-Employee Company Got Acquired for $15 Million

Published on January 17, 2024

Aaron Leibtag is an experienced entrepreneur, having previously cofounded and served as CEO of a healthcare technology company focused on medication management called TAKE2 Health. After selling TAKE2 Health, Leibtag's track record and expertise positioned him well for another successful digital health venture. He cofounded Pentavere Research Group to address a critical issue he recognized - identifying patients not receiving necessary and potentially life-saving medications or interventions simply because the key data gets buried in electronic health records.

With Leibtag as CEO, Pentavere has grown rapidly. Despite having just 15 employees, Pentavere attracted a $15 million acquisition offer from a strategic acquirer. This demonstrates Leibtag's prowess in building companies with strong value propositions primed for successful exits.

This case study reveals Leibtag's key strategies for finding the right acquirer focused on future upside rather than purely historical finances, conducting transparent negotiations bolstered by candor to prevent post-offer re-trading, and structuring win-win deals favoring the startup.

Specifically, Leibtag targeted a strategic acquirer seeing major synergies from combining Pentavere's offering into its own broader platform, rather than seeking the highest price from a financial acquirer. This strategy focused the deal on Pentavere's immense future potential value.

Additionally, Leibtag established openness around finances and projections. This "radical candor" avoided potential misunderstandings that undermine deals post-offer.

Further, Leibtag secured clean exit terms without risky earn-outs, locking payments to long-term milestones. And he negotiated a mix of debt and equity to access growth capital while retaining ownership.

In summary, leveraging his prior exit experience, Aaron Leibtag demonstrated key strategies allowing small, early-stage digital health companies to secure successful and lucrative exits by finding aligned partners and structuring deals favoring the startup. His example provides an excellent model for healthcare entrepreneurship leading to favorable acquisitions.

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