From Freelance Consult to 8-Figure Exit in Seven Years With Ned MacPherson

Published on May 24, 2024

Ned MacPherson's entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 when he started helping clients optimize their websites. Little did he know that the demand for his services would quickly outpace his capacity as a solo freelancer. This pivotal moment prompted Ned to embark on a path of building a team, a decision that would ultimately lead to remarkable growth and multiple acquisition offers.

Over the course of seven years, Ned's business flourished, growing to an impressive team of 70 employees and generating over $2 million in annual EBITDA. This remarkable success story is filled with valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

In this episode, Ned shares his experiences and learnings, including:

1. The pivotal transition from a freelance consultant to building a team: Ned provides insights into navigating this crucial shift, ensuring scalability and meeting growing demand.

2. Deciding when and if to bring on equity partners: Ned discusses the considerations involved in this decision, weighing the pros and cons of equity partnerships.

3. Attracting specialized talent without giving up equity: Ned shares strategies for assembling a talented team without diluting ownership.

4. Creating a meritocratic culture: Ned delves into fostering an environment that values and rewards performance, nurturing a motivated and high-performing workforce.

5. Hiring specialized talent for pennies on the dollar: Ned reveals cost-effective strategies for acquiring top-tier talent without breaking the bank.

6. Performing reverse diligence on potential acquirers: Ned emphasizes the importance of thoroughly vetting potential acquirers, ensuring alignment and minimizing risks.

7. Understanding net working capital adjustments: Ned provides insights into this critical aspect of the acquisition process, helping business owners navigate the complexities.

Ned MacPherson's remarkable journey from a solo freelancer to the founder of a thriving 70-person company with multiple acquisition offers is a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. Throughout the episode, he generously shares his experiences, offering a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to navigate similar paths of growth and potential exits.

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