Fetching an 8-Figure Exit

Published on August 23, 2023

In 2017, Amman Ahmed created MusicForPets, which launched the YouTube channels "RelaxMyDog" and "RelaxMyCat." These channels aim to alleviate pets' anxiety, whether due to stress or their owners' absence. 

Under Ahmed's leadership, the channels amassed over 2 million subscribers and generated a 7-figure profit, partly because of effective SEO. As the business saw a rise in paid monthly website subscribers, it garnered the interest of California-based hip-hop label, Create Music Group, which extended a lucrative 8-figure offer that Ahmed couldn't turn down. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Harness the power of SEO to grow your business. 
  • Increase your YouTube channel audience with Ahmed's innovative method. 
  • Elevate your brand's reputation using Ahmed’s personal method. 
  • Decide when to abandon professionalism for the sake of truthfulness. 
  • Determine your non-negotiable exit number. 
  • Lean on a seasoned advisor to avoid an earn-out. 
  • Be due-diligence ready, even if selling isn't on your mind. 

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