Capitalizing on the Shift from Bricks to Clicks

Posted on August 09, 2023

In 2006, Chad Rubin made Skubana, a tool that was made to make his online store run more smoothly across different platforms. Rubin saw how useful the software could be and chose to sell it to other online store owners. 

By 2021, the platform would have brought in $5 million in recurring revenue from e-commerce entrepreneurs. The success of the company attracted potential buyers, and in the end, 3PL Central, a leading source of warehouse management software, made an offer that couldn't be refused. This episode will teach you how to: 

  • In a business with a lot of competition, build a moat. 
  • Use a converted note to get money. 
  • Use Rubin's creative way to bring in good investors. 
  • Don't make hiring mistakes that could stop your business from growing. 
  • Use Rubin's test to find great people to work for you. 
  • Use an interesting outreach approach to get potential buyers interested. 
  • After you've sold your business, find something to do with your time. 

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