Building a Life After a 9-Figure Exit

Published on April 17, 2024

Anastasia Koroleva is an experienced and accomplished entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the journey of building and selling technology companies. After her first major business exit, in which she sold a company for a nine-figure sum, Koroleva went on to found three additional startups, demonstrating her persistent drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, Koroleva has taken on a new role as the host of the "Exit Paradox" podcast, where she interviews some of the world's most remarkable founders about the lessons they learned after selling their own businesses. The focus of the podcast is to help listeners design their ideal life in the aftermath of a successful exit.

In this particular episode, Koroleva aims to guide listeners in avoiding the biggest financial mistakes that many exited founders make. It's all too common for entrepreneurs to squander their newfound wealth through impulsive spending or poor investment decisions after a lucrative sale. Koroleva, drawing from her own experiences, is determined to help her audience sidestep these pitfalls.

Beyond just money management, the episode also explores other critical aspects of life after an exit. Koroleva discusses the importance of using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to thoughtfully design one's post-exit lifestyle, ensuring that fundamental physical, emotional, and psychological needs are met. She also emphasizes the value of achieving closure before departing a business, as well as discerning whether one is primarily an "investor" or a "creator" at heart.

Avoiding the so-called "angel investing trap" is another key piece of advice Koroleva imparts. Many exited founders are tempted to deploy their capital into a flurry of angel investments, only to find themselves overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Koroleva counsels listeners on how to strike the right balance and know when "enough is enough" in terms of new ventures and investments.

Furthermore, the episode delves into the delicate topic of talking to one's children about the financial implications of a business sale. Koroleva recognizes that the sudden influx of wealth can have a profound impact on family dynamics, and she offers guidance on navigating these conversations constructively.

Through this episode of "Exit Paradox," Koroleva draws upon her own hard-earned lessons and the insights of her esteemed guests to provide a comprehensive roadmap for exited founders seeking to design a truly fulfilling and sustainable life after a major liquidity event. Her unique perspective, shaped by years of entrepreneurial success and personal growth, positions her as a trusted authority on this complex and often overlooked aspect of the startup journey.

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