At the Negotiating Table with William Ury, Co-Founder of the Harvard Negotiation Program

Published on May 16, 2024

In this week's captivating episode of Built to Sell Radio, listeners are treated to invaluable insights from William Ury, a renowned negotiation expert and co-founder of the prestigious Harvard Program on Negotiation and the International Negotiation Network, alongside former President Jimmy Carter. Drawing from his extensive experience in high-stakes diplomatic negotiations, Ury shares powerful strategies to help business owners punch above their weight in negotiations surrounding the sale of their companies.

William Ury's exceptional background in navigating complex international negotiations equips him with a unique perspective on mastering the art of negotiation. Throughout the episode, he imparts actionable insights to help business owners effectively navigate the intricate process of selling their companies, from understanding buyer motivations to mastering negotiation processes.

In this engaging conversation, Ury provides listeners with practical advice on how to:

1. Negotiate effectively without revealing their bottom line, a common pitfall that can undermine their bargaining position.

2. Strengthen their position in any negotiation, enabling them to achieve more favorable outcomes.

3. Determine their BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement), a crucial fallback plan in the event that negotiations do not proceed as intended.

4. Respond confidently to acquirers who may resort to intimidation tactics, ensuring they maintain control of the situation.

5. Prepare thoroughly for negotiations with experienced professionals, leveling the playing field and mitigating potential power imbalances.

William Ury's extensive background in diplomacy and international negotiations lends unparalleled credibility to his advice. As the co-founder of the renowned Harvard Program on Negotiation and the International Negotiation Network, established in collaboration with former President Jimmy Carter, Ury has honed his skills in navigating complex, high-stakes negotiations on a global scale.

Through this episode, business owners gain access to Ury's wealth of knowledge and practical strategies, empowering them to approach negotiations surrounding the sale of their companies with confidence and expertise. Whether facing experienced acquirers or navigating intricate bargaining processes, Ury's insights provide a valuable toolkit for achieving favorable outcomes and maximizing the value of their businesses.

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